ASPEN REAL ESTATE – [Sandwiched between the Pitkin County Courthouse and the Concept 600 condominium complex on the north sde of Main Street is the city owned Zupancis property presently hosting the City of Aspen’s parking department]…In pre-recession days, when the county was considering a redevelopment and potential expansion of its Main Street offices, long-range planning had the parcel falling into county hands, or potentially being used for affordable housing — perhaps a mixture of the two…However, the city’s long-range budget has a place holder for revenue from the Zupancis sale in 2014. The funds would be used to pay for a renovation of City Hall, according to Assistant City Manager Barry Crook.
By Curtis Wackerle, Oct. 31, 11 ADN

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Photo credit: ADN The City of Aspen Parking Department is located on the Zupancis property on the north side of Hunter and Main Street intersection.