Whether or not the Special Districts will keep it is the question

ASPEN — Some local governments and special taxing districts may feel as though they’ve won a lottery jackpot, given the preliminary property value figures that the Pitkin County Assessor’s Office recently mailed out to each taxing entity.Some taxing districts could see a gain of several million dollars in property tax revenue as a result of the new, higher property values in the county, though the assessor’s office won’t have a final tally of property values, either countywide or per district, until late this year.Early numbers put the total value of property in the county at $36 billion, up from $26.7 billion in 2008. The leap in values led to record protests from property owners, followed by a daunting number of Board of Equalization hearings involving property owners who are disputing the value assigned to their property.
By Janet Urquhart, Sept. 14, 2009, AT

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