Earlier this year, the owners applied to the county to make a 1,120-square-foot addition to the home’s basement. At that point, county community development officials said they could not issue a permit for the addition unless the owner paid the housing impact fee for the whole home: a total government charge of $65,714.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE – The owners of a mutli-million-dollar home in Woody Creek have filed a lawsuit against Pitkin County, attempting to get out of paying nearly $66,000 in employee housing impact fees.The suit accuses the Pitkin County commissioners of “wrongfully and illegally assessing inflated employee housing impact fees upon numerous property owners and residents of Pitkin County for the past five years.”The fees were added to the local land-use code in 2005, to fund the construction of affordable housing for a growing workforce necessitated by homes of more than 5,750 square feet.
By Andrew Travers, Dec. 21, 10 Aspen Daily News

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