Pitkin County Attorney and Development Department opt to close the "fake ranch" loophole; their decision on a building permit approval for Beverly Hills-based LLC to build 15,000 square foot house on historic ranch hangs in the balance.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE – Pitkin County’s hearing officer approved plans for a new 15,000-square-foot house on the site of the historic Stapleton ranch Tuesday, while putting a contentious issue about the ranching rights on the 10-acre plot in the hands of the county attorney and development department. A Beverly Hills-based LLC intends to build the massive home on the site of the Stapleton ranch, where the well-known Aspen family had worked the land since the 19th century…. The community development department requested the new owners be barred from ranching on the historic ranch… attempting to stop the new owners from having the land surrounding the new mansion classified for “commercial agriculture,” which would offer a substantial tax break.
By Andrew Travers, Oct 19, 2011, ADN

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Photo credit ‘Historic Colorado Ranch’ from unitedcountry.com