ASPEN REAL ESTATE AND ROARING FORK VALLEY COMMUTE – Since 2005, the Colorado State Patrol has responded to an average of nine serious accidents per year on the icy curve just above mile marker 30 in the downvalley lanes of State Highway 82 at the top of Snowmass Canyon.“We have certain sections of Highway 82 that stand out and this one has stood out for years as a problem area for us,” said Captain Richard Duran of the CSP’s Glenwood Springs office…During a snowstorm, plowed snow piles up against a concrete barrier on the right-hand side of the road. Then on warm days, the snow melts and the water sheets down across the banked roadway — at least while the sun is out. As soon as the sun goes behind the canyon walls in the early afternoon, the sheet of water on the curving roadway turns to black ice. The ice can surprise drivers because it’s there even though the highway just above the canyon is dry.
By Brent Gardner-Smith, Feb. 22, 2010 Aspen Daily News

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