The I-70 Front Range traffic situation isn’t just changing the way people travel to the mountains, it’s also changing skier habits and places-to-live choices…

Compelling reason to move to Aspen:

Karla Burnett Kelly made an even bigger decision related to skiing and traffic earlier this year: Her family sold their homes in Frisco and Parker and moved to Aspen. Her children were on the Team Summit Ski Team and they drove up every weekend and fought their way through the traffic, but the real challenge was on the way back when the kids were tired and cranky. “The traffic was getting worse and worse, and the crowds at the resorts were getting worse and worse, and we didn’t want to move to Frisco full time,” she said. “There’s a really good school system in Aspen, great resorts and an airport so my husband can travel out when he needs to and not drive at all.”Kelly said they skied Aspen resorts this past spring break and also President’s Day weekend — two of the busiest times of the season for any Western ski resort — and they never waited more than 5 minutes to get on a chair lift.”

Link to article by Lauren Glendenning, Oct. 28, 2014

Weekend Westbound traffic on I-70 heading up to the mountains.