Snowmass Village’s second homeowners advisory board questions their perceived exclusion of part-time homeowners from the New Ice Age Discovery Nonprofit Board.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE – Snowmass Village’s second homeowners advisory board sent a letter to the town last week saying it would not support fundraising efforts by the newly created nonprofit corporation overseeing the recent ice age discoveries. The letter, sent last week to Town Council by the part-time residents advisory board (PTRAB), was followed up by a second letter five days later apologizing for and rescinding the initial message. One member of the board said it had jumped the gun in perceiving that it was not being represented in the corporation … "Subsequent discussions have resulted in our clarified understanding that part-time representation may be considered for the full board,” the second letter says. “Thus in good faith, we apologize for and rescind our previous motion, and wish to express our gratitude and strong support for all the work done by” the discovery committee.
By Chad Abraham, Oct 19, 2011, ADN

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