In a business where tradition can squelch creative ways of doing things, it is often difficult to introduce fresh ideas, but the economy is encouraging
experimentation. Designers who say they are doing well in the recession are taking risks and changing what has been a very conservative business. And while luxury items and services are the first to go in hard times, these new approaches are benefiting customers who are finding design more accessible and less expensive.In a recent survey, the American Society of Interior Designers reported that 65 percent of its members said they were taking smaller projects than they once had, compared with 50 percent who said that in 2008. Of course, there have always been designers who offer relatively inexpensive services, but they haven’t been those whose work is shown in shelter magazines or shops frequented by wealthy customers. Now designers of status are reaching out.
By Kimberly Stevens, August 20, 2009, NYT

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