At a recent commissioners meeting, Garfield County Commissioner Chairman John Martin suggested that developers be given more time than current county code allows to proceed with their projects once they obtain preliminary approvals. “In these economic hard times … I think we need some flexibility to allow more time for people to work things out before losing their development approvals,” he said.

CARBONDALE AND GLENWOOD SPRINGS REAL ESTATE — Developers of the Ironbridge subdivision between Glenwood Springs and Carbondale will have another year to submit a final plat for the third phase of the residential and golf course development.Garfield County commissioners granted a second, one-year extension at their June 7 meeting for the bankrupt LB Rose Ranch LLC to proceed with development of the final 61 lots contained in the larger planned unit development.It’s a trend that’s likely to receive a more favorable ear from county commissioners in the future, as real estate development around the county remains at a standstill due to the downturn in the housing market and the lingering impacts of the recession.“We haven’t had very many new preliminary plan applications in the last year, if any,” county planner Kathy Eastley said.
By John Stroud, June 14, 20109 Aspen Times

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