Land Title Guaranty Summary for January 2009: figures represent ALL Pitkin County property transfers – Pitkin County includes Aspen, Snowmass Village and resort, Old Snowmass, Emma and parts of Basalt and El Jebel, Coloardo. For specific Aspen and Snowmass Village residential and condo closings , see The Estin Report for annual, quarterly, and weekly (see my blog) breakdowns. 

Summary (See attached charts for 2009 January Land Title Pitkin County Market statistics and data)

•    Pitkin County reported the best month in the 5 county area (including Routt, Summit, Garfield, Eagle counties!)
•    Total transactions for Pitkin County in January were 78, this is a decrease of only 20% from 2008.
•    Dollars totaled $115,936,999, down only 8.85% from January 2008.
•    41 of the transactions took place at the Residences at the Little Nell, accounting for $64,030,000 in dollars.
•    25 transactions (32%) were in Aspen, 4 (5%) were in Snowmass, and 2 (2.5%) were in Woody Creek.  
•    47 transactions were interval units, representing 60% of the total (41 being Little Nell).
•    Interval sales were up 1156% in dollars from $5,166,600 in 2008 to $64,869,150
•    Interval transactions were up 57%, from 30 in 2008 to 47 in 2009.  
•    Average single family home price for 2009 is $5,652,528 up 10% from 2008 (full year).
•    Median single family home price is $6,237,500, up 52% from 2008 (full year). 

New additions for 2009 to Land Title’s reports:
•    Average Price per square foot is added to page 4 for both single family and multi family
•    Text colors on page 4 to indicate increase or decrease from prior month with regard to:  $ Volume Transactions, # of Transactions, Average Transaction Price, and Median Transaction Price.  (Color codes:  Black = greater than or equal to prior month, Red = less than prior month.)  Percentages will remain black.
•    Additional info provided on page 4 with regard month and year to date analysis.  In addition, commercial breakdowns have been added.  
**Please note that all info is derived for Pitkin County Data, not MLS data.