Almost like clockwork, a house will show signs of aging.

The typical American house is 34 years old. And given that households move every seven years or so, the average house is now just about ready for its fifth owner.How that house has held up over the years depends, of course, on how well its owners have taken care of it. But regardless of how careful occupants have been, houses have a certain life cycle.Surprisingly, the prime years for a brand-new house are not the first two but rather the third through the seventh. Anything can go wrong with a newly constructed house. Before the drywallers do their thing, for example, plumbers and electricians must do theirs. If the plumber works too slowly or the electrician is behind schedule, it can throw the drywallers off their routine, causing their work to be less than satisfactory.
By Lew Sichelman, Nov. 15, 2009 LA Times

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