Counteroffer would create ‘conflicting uses’ for ranch, landowner Wexner says

ASPEN REAL ESTATE — Pitkin County’s counteroffer to a proposed trade of BLM property on the north flank of Mount Sopris for the Sutey Ranch, north of Carbondale, has been rejected by the landowners who initiated the swap discussions. Leslie and Abigail Wexner, owners of the Two Shoes Ranch at the base of Sopris, have turned down the alternative pitched last week by Pitkin County in both a personal letter to Pitkin County commissioners and in a formal response prepared by their representatives.The county had resisted the trade as initially proposed, and countered last week with a proposal that would fold 873 acres of BLM property at the base of Mount Sopris into the two separate ranch properties that make up Two Shoes Ranch, consolidating the Wexner landholdings in a 4,274-acre, contiguous piece. In exchange, the 520-acre Sutey Ranch, north of the Red Hill Recreation Area near Carbondale, would become BLM property. However, the county also proposed creating a new piece of open space that would preserve public access to federal lands at the base of Sopris, combining some BLM land and county open space with 536 acres to be carved out of Two Shoes Ranch.

By Janet Urquart, Jan. 12, 2010, Aspen Times


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