ASPEN PITKIN COUNTY REAL ESTATE — Landowners Leslie and Abigail Wexner will withdraw their request for Pitkin County’s support of a proposed Carbondale-area land swap unless county commissioners want to meet and discuss what’s on the table…“Reasonable people can disagree and we have always acknowledged your ultimate right to not support the exchange,” the Wexners wrote (in a letter to Pitkin County Commissioners – editor) , suggesting the only way to move the matter forward is to meet — in public or in private.“This process has been disruptive, costly and time-consuming for all involved. It has created destructive divisions in the community,” the Wexners said in the letter. “We are requesting that you bring it to an end.”The Wexners have proposed exchanging 1,268 acres of Bureau of Land Management property on the north flank of Mount Sopris, south of Carbondale, for the 520-acre Sutey Ranch to the north of Carbondale. The BLM property would be folded into their Two Shoes Ranch; the Sutey Ranch, valued for wildlife and recreational attributes, would become BLM land. All of the acreage at both sites would be protected from development.
By Janet Urquhart, March 16, 2010 Aspen Times

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