The Lift One Lodge, originally proposed in 2006, was part of a planning process with another group of developers who had proposed a residential property and hotel for the other side of South Aspen Street. Along with a development known as the Lodge at Aspen Mountain, Lift One Lodge representatives worked with a group of 27 citizens for seven months in 2008 on a combined land use plan. That proposal died on a 2-2 council vote. The developers then killed a plan to ask voters to decide the development proposal…The Lodge at Aspen Mountain developers, indebted to the bank for some $20 million, sold the land to Boston-based group Alcion Ventures. The current owners are evaluating whether to pursue a hotel project on the site, or go forward with a previously approved project to build townhomes.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE – The Lift One Lodge, a timeshare project planned for the base of Aspen Mountain, has submitted the first part of its final application.If approved, the Lift One Lodge would bring 35 timeshare condos, restaurants, retail shops, a ski museum and affordable housing to South Aspen Street at the base of Lift 1A. The three main buildings of the lodge total 114,000 square feet.The project also would result in a new high-speed 1A chairlift that starts 160 feet further up hill, as well as a new surface-tow ski lift running through Willoughby and Lift One parks to the new lift’s terminal.Aspen City Council on a 3-1 vote gave the project conceptual approval in November 2009.
By Curtis Wackerle, Nov. 1, 2010 Aspen Daily News

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