Jeff Cardot bought a half-finished steel and concrete skeleton of a building at 625 E. Main St. — once the site of the Stage 3 movie theater — for $3.6 million at an auction in September.The project’s original developer, Aspen Main Street Properties Inc., paid $5 million for the old Stage 3 building in 2006 and a year later gained approvals from the City of Aspen to build a 27,000-square-foot building that topped out at 36 feet.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE – The new owner of a stalled project on Main Street in Aspen has wrapped Christmas lights around exposed steel girders and draped them across a construction fence, signaling the prospect of change.“I was hoping to brighten up Main Street,” said Jeff Cardot, a financial trader from Chicago and part-time Aspenite who put the lights up Tuesday. “I’m sure everyone is tired of looking at an unfinished development site.” The holiday lights also are an indication that Cardot has plans for the highly visible project, which has been referred to by Aspen Mayor Mick Ireland as the “Main Street climbing wall” because of its exposed steel frame.
By Brent Gardner-Smith, Dec. 23, 10 Aspen Daily News

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