To the BLM, the Wexners are offering the 557-acre Sutey Ranch, north of Carbondale and adjacent to the Red Hill Recreation Area, in exchange for the Sopris acreage. The BLM also would get a 112-acre parcel along Prince Creek Road allowing mountain bikers access to “the Crown” recreation area. Abigail and Leslie Wexner, owner of Limited Brands, also are offering $1.1 million to the BLM to help manage the properties. The land the Wexners are seeking splits their existing 3,944-acre Two Shoes property. The swap would make it one contiguous swath of private, Wexner-owned land below Sopris — totaling more than 8 square miles.

PITKIN COUNTY REAL ESTATE – After years of sometimes heated public debate about the Wexner family’s proposed midvalley land exchange, which would privatize 1,200 acres of federal land on the flanks of Mount Sopris, Pitkin County has heard little feedback on its proposed agreement to endorse the swap. The county commissioners will hold a public hearing today at 10:30 a.m. before the board’s final vote on the agreement. If approved, as it is expected to be, the county’s endorsement would go to the Bureau of Land Management, which is evaluating the Wexners’ overall proposal.
By Andrew Travers, Jan. 8, 2013 ADN

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3,994 acre Two Shoes Ranch at the base of Mount Sopris in Carbomndale, CO