The population of the Basalt and El Jebel areas will grow by about 33 percent, or 2,600 new residents, over 40 years, if elected officials rely on existing zoning, according to a new study by Eagle County government.A “build-out analysis” indicates there are about 1,081 additional residences that could be built in the Roaring Fork Valley portion of Eagle County. That includes residences that are approved but unbuilt as well as residences allowed by current zoning, according to project manager Kris Aoki.There are currently 3,312 residences in that portion of the valley, producing a population of nearly 8,000 people. If all the homes that could be built are built, the population would grow by an estimated 2,600 people, the study showed.
By Scott Condon, July 13, 2009 Aspen Times

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