The number of residential building applications in Pitkin County was above 200 as recently as 2005. In 2008, the county saw 137. That number dropped to 93 in 2009. Last year, the county approved 102 applications.So far this year, the county has approved 60 such permits, with an average square-footage of about 2,500. Just 11 of those are for single-family homes.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE – A Beverly Hills, Calif. group has applied to build a new 15,000-square-foot home on the site of the historical Stapleton family ranch on Owl Creek Road. The Sam and Elizabeth Stapleton estate sold two plots on the 20-acre ranch to the California-based limited liability company in August 2010 for a total of $7.2 million, according to Pitkin County records.Sam Stapleton was born in 1927 on the ranch, which had been in the family’s hands since the 19th century. He and his wife, Elizabeth, were inducted into the Aspen Hall of Fame in 2007. The home that would be replaced by the new 15,000-square-foot property was built in 1967. That three-bedroom house stands at 3,400 square feet.County land use codes allow for a 5,750-square-foot house on the property, which is outside of Aspen’s urban growth boundary. The developers, in their building application to the county, said they intended to purchase four transferable development rights [TDR’s] in order to increase the allowable square footage on the property to as much as 15,000.The development is scheduled to go before the county hearing officer on Sept. 20.
By Andrew Travers, Sept. 12, 2011, ADN

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Sold: (2) Stapelton 10 acre parcels at $3.6M each on 8/24/10 Link valid for 30 days until 10/12/11. Photo and description courtesy of Chadfin Light Real Estate.

The broker’s comments, “Teddy Roosevelt would love the place! In fact, he was probably President the last time this property changed hands. A stunning property that is so unique and special, it only becomes available once very 100 years. One homesite, 10+ acres, senior irrigation water rights, incredible views and less than 4 miles to Aspen. 1041 in place – vested rights run through 7/1/2012. Awesome homesite filled with aspen and pine trees. Close to Aspen and Snowmass. Priced to sell.”