Each quarter, the Brookings report looks at employment, unemployment, metro gross domestic product and home price changes in the 100 largest metro areas. The 10 largest mountain-region metro areas are included. .."Something is functioning differently this time. The region is not delivering on the promise of a quicker, faster snapback," said Mark Muro, a policy director at the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program.

J.J. Hendricks, owner of Denver video-game shop JJGames.com, posted an online ad Monday for a part-time job, for which more than 200 people applied. He was expecting about 50 or 60 people to apply. (Joe Amon, The Denver Post )The current recovery is challenging the Mountain West’s reputation for accelerating out of recessions faster than the rest of the country, according to the most recent "Mountain Monitor" from the Brookings Institute.
By Aldo Svaldi, March 17, 2010 Denver Post

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