City Council began seriously discussing the downzoning – limiting building heights in most of the downtown core to two stories or 28 feet from the current 42 foot restriction – in January. In early March, council declined to pass an emergency ordinance that would have made lower building heights effective immediately. Otherwise, land-use code changes don’t become effective until 30 days after passage.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE – Two more downtown properties — both located on the same block of East Hyman Avenue — submitted applications for third-story expansions on Tuesday, the last day to do so before a downtown downzoning ordinance took effect.The building currently housing the Chaffin Light real estate offices at 606 E. Hyman Ave. (identified in application materials as 602 E. Hyman Ave.) and the “GulfCo” building two doors down at 616 E. Hyman Ave. both want to build third-story additions onto their existing two-story structures. In both cases, the expansion is to accommodate a free-market condo.New downtown zoning rules passed by Aspen City Council on April 2 limit building heights in most of the downtown core to two stories or 28 feet, and require equal proportions of affordable housing and free market development in new construction.The two new projects, by applying by the end of the day Tuesday, take advantage of the old rules that allow 42-foot-tall buildings in the commercial core zone district and 40 feet in the C-1 zone district that borders it to the east. Since March, including the projects submitted on Tuesday’s deadline, there have been 11 downtown development applications, eight of which are seeking some kind of new third-story element.
By Curtis Wackerle, May 3, 2012 ADN

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Downtown Aspen as seen from Aspen Mountain Lift