In ski-resort areas around the world, growing numbers of homeowners are shunning traditional chalet designs and erecting more modern, high-tech alternatives; banning logs and the antler chandelier.

After decades of traditional mountain design—heavy overhangs, a plethora of pine wood, a deer’s head hung in the entryway—ski homes across the globe are shedding the antlers. Homeowners once enamored with dark and cozy rustic retreats that shielded them from cold winter nights are now opting for sleek architecture that lets in lots of light, a look that has gained momentum in the past five years. Modern designs have dominated recent big-ticket mountain-home sales….A variety of changes, from technology to demographics, are driving the shift. As the rise of the digital age makes telecommuting more commonplace, more owners are beginning to live in resort areas year-round, says Aspen architect Willis Pember. After all, the bear rugs and pine floors that were so comforting over Christmas vacation can seem a little kitschy in July.

By Alyssa Abkowitz, Nov. 6, 2012 WSJ

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Credit: WSJ