The controversial Lodge (condominium hotel) at base of Lift 1-A at Aspen Mountain s being proposed once again, this time as smaller and more affordable. The new plan presented by John Sarpa,of Centurion Partners has resulted in two different concepts that include a reduction of mass and scale, and eight affordable hotel rooms that will be priced 25 to 30 percent lower than whatever is the property’s least expensive accommodation.Instead of a 175,000-square-foot condominium hotel, the new proposed development would be about 10 percent smaller, or 160,000 square feet. The entire building has been broken up with varying facades, designs and rooflines.
By Carolyn Sackariason, June 4, 2009 The Aspen Times

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See also,Aspen Daily News article, “Lodge at Aspen Mountain is back” by Brent Gardner-Smith, June 4, 2009