New retail shops opening Aspen doors for the holidays

A number of new retail stores have opened their doors in Aspen recently, and some have done so just in time for two of the busiest weeks of Aspen’s retail shopping season.Pucci, a women’s fashion brand owned by French luxury goods maker LVMH, opened its doors in Aspen on Friday at the corner of Mill Street and Hopkins Avenue, where Bulgari was once located. The brand is best known for its colorful patterned blouses and beach wear.“When you say Emilio Pucci to someone, it’s prints,” said Manuela Cipriani, who moved to Aspen from Los Angeles to open what is now the eighth Pucci store in the U.S. …When asked why it made sense to open a new luxury brand store in Aspen today, Cipriani, who is originally from Milan, Italy, said, “I think we have to be, how do you say, optimistic.”
By Brent Gardner-Smith, Dec. 22, 2009 Aspen Daily News

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