The Spring Building has a 2,000-square-foot penthouse where [the owner] will live. The lower two floors are retail and commercial. The first floor has 1,800 square feet and is designed to accommodate a restaurant. The second floor is 1,200 square feet and has two tenants lined up….[Spring Street is poised to become a more central “thouroughfare” in downtown Aspen as the Aspen Art Museum and surrounding new construction is completed likely in or near 2014.]

ASPEN REAL ESTATE – The Spring Building was developed by Rudin West LLC, whose principal is Michael Rudin of Manhattan. Rudin spent two winters in Aspen working as an associate with TRU Real Estate. “During that time we scouted and vetted potential development projects,” Striefel said. “The Mularz building had been on the market for 2-plus years when he purchased it May 2010.” [It sold at $3MM and was originally listed at $6.5MM in 2008.] Rudin’s family is prominent in the real estate development and leasing business in New York City. This was the first project the 27-year-old tackled separately, so he wanted to “make a statement,” Striefel said. The building exceeds common building practices in many ways, he said…The building was design by David Johnson Architects. Joe Falcone of Falcone Construction Management is the general contractor. The Spring Building was approved before the most recent controversy over three-story buildings in and around the commercial core. Rudin completed the purchase of the building in May 2010 and had approvals by December 2010.
By Scott Condon, September 2, 2012 AT

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