There are a few fundamental tenets to being a successful New York party photographer. First, don’t take a picture of a married mogul wearing leather chaps. And never photograph an heiress if her nipple is showing or if she has passed out after drinking four double vodkas.That is the wisdom of Patrick McMullan, the former Studio 54 party boy turned society chronicler who for three decades has photographed everyone from Upper East Side society matrons to downtown night crawlers and club freaks.Today, most grin-and-shoot shutterbugs have given way to the “gotcha” paparazzi, who get $10,000 for a shot of Russell Crowe throwing a punch or Lindsay Lohan passed out in the back seat of a car.But instead of relenting to the pressure of TMZ and Gawker, Mr. McMullan seems like a character out of an earlier era, when getting your picture in the newspaper was something to be proud of, not feared.
By Laura M. Holson, March 24, 2010 NYT

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