ASPEN REAL ESTATE – In 2008, the Miami architect, Chad Oppenhiem bought a 3,200-square-foot structure built in 1971 on a quarter acre of land with a stream running through it near the bottom of Red Mountain. Although it is not unusual for homes here to be much larger — one nearby house, which sold for $43 million in 2009, is upward of 21,000 square feet — Mr. Oppenheim’s goal in renovating his was not to make it more imposing. In fact, he said, “I wanted the house to disappear.”Instead of trying to compete with the beauty of the natural landscape, Mr. Oppenheim created a house that recedes into it, with 300-year-old recycled barn wood and locally quarried stone cladding and enormous picture windows.

By Elaine Louie, Sept. 12, 2012 NYT

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Photo credit: NYT see article for more photos of this beautiful home.