The Pitkin County Assessor’s Office –  which includes Aspen, Snowmass Village, Old Snowmass, parts of Basalt, Carbondale, Redstone and Marble – has finished reviewing more than half of the protests filed by property owners who disagree with the value assigned to their properties.The total number of protests now stands at about 4,500, and Isaac expects the total could climb toward 5,000 before his office is done with its reviews this month….With about 15,000 total properties in Pitkin County, about a third of all property owners are protesting the values assigned by the assessor.The office will mail out roughly 2,500 notices of determination next week. In perhaps a quarter of those cases, the assessor’s office has adjusted the valuation originally assigned the properties, said assessor Tom Isaac.
Staff Report, June 22, 2009 Aspen Times

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