Last summer, commissioners conceded the economic downturn was an unusual circumstance that warranted leniency …by extending all building permits to Aug 31, 2011…Other jurisdictions around the state also granted permit extensions, including the city of Aspen, which granted an extension until June 30, 2011 to all who requested it.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE — For a second straight year, Pitkin County has been asked to grant a building-permit extension for residential projects that have stalled as a result of the recession.Last July, county commissioners adopted an ordinance that extended all building permits and permit applications that were to expire in 2010; they now expire Aug. 31, 2011.This year, the building department has received requests for similar relief for permits that are expiring in 2011, according to Tony Fusaro, chief building official for the county.According to his tally, 11 permits could expire by June 1 if they are not extended. Some of them already have.Local land-use planner Glenn Horn, representing a Buttermilk Lane landowner, wrote a letter to commissioners requesting extension of a permit application that expired Jan. 26. The landowner, according to the letter, “has been seriously impacted by the depressed economy.”
By Janet Urquhart, March, 1 2011, Aspen Daily News

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