Last year doesn’t look so bad anymore to the Aspen real estate community, simply because 2009 is worse (according to a recent April 2009, Land Title Monthly Report).The number of transactions in Pitkin County was down 48 percent in April from the same month the year before, according to a monthly report by Land Title Guarantee Co. The dollar volume in those sales fell 45 percent to $74.01 million for the month. Through the first four months of the year, the dollar volume of sales in Pitkin County was $343.21 million, or 30.46 per cent off of last year’s pace. Making it worse, 2008 was not a great year. The sales volume was the lowest since 2004.
Staff Report, June 2, 2009, Aspen Times

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Actual Report: 2009 April Land Title Pitkin County Market Summary