Released 02/04/2014 by Land Title Guarantee for all real estate transactions recorded in Pitkin County during December 2013. Published here in the folder: Aspen Real Estate News and Market Stats Archives/2013 Market Statistics.

For more timely market stats, see The Estin Report: Aspen Real Estate Monthly Market Snapshots in the Currents Reports section. The Snapshots are published on or about the 1st Monday of the month and are released 4-6 weeks before Land Title numbers. The Market Snapshots provide a current view of the upper Roaring Fork Valley real estate sales – Aspen, Snowmass Village, Brush Cr.Village, Woody Creek and Old Snowmass solds over $250,000. Fractionals are not included.

December 2013 Pitkin County Market Analysis
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• $78,706,505 – total dollars for December, a decrease of 71% from December 2012
• 174 – total transactions for December, an increase of 93% from December 2012
• Year to date, dollars total 1,311,035,957 a decrease of 12% from same period 2012
• Year to date, transactions total 1,702, an increase of 127% from same period 2012
• For the month, Intervals led the way with a total of 127 transactions ($4 million), Aspen posted 24 transactions ($46.4 million), Snowmass Village 9 ($18.6 million), Basalt 6 ($1.8 million), Woody Creek 3 ($3.9 million), Old Snowmass 3 ($3.2 million), Carbondale 1 ($289,200) Redstone 1 ($333,000).
• There were 4 bank sales recorded in the county for December totaling $5,045,800. This accounted for 2% of the transactions and 6% of the dollars (see page 9 for more details)
• Year to date, there have been 79 bank sales recorded in the county, totaling $54,687,319. This accounts for 4.6% of the transactions and 4.1% of the dollars.
• The average single family home sold price thru December is $3,484,850, a decrease of 17% from full year 2012
• The median single family home sold price thru December is $2,215,500, a decrease of 21% from full year 2012
• Interval dollar volume for December was down 5.3% from December 2012, with a total of $4 million
• Interval transaction volume for December was up 1487% from December 2012, with a total of 127
• Interval transaction breakdown for December : Innsbruck 121, The Ritz Carlton Club: Aspen Highlands 1, Saint Regis Club: Aspen Residence Club 1, Grand Hyatt Aspen: GA Resort 2, Residences at Little Nell 1, Timbers Club 1
• Through December, interval dollar volume totals $73,368,125, an increase of 33% from same period 2012
• Through December, interval transaction volume totaled 1,035, an increase of 639% from same period 2012
• Buyer profile through December: 77% were out of state (domestic), 20% were Local, 2% were International, and 1% Front Range
• Loan info for December – all property types: 70% financing, 30% cash.
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