Released 09/13/13 by Land Title Guarantee for all real estate transactions recorded in Pitkin County during July 2013. Published on this website at following path: The Estin Report/Aspen Real Estate News and Market Stats Archives/2013 Market Statistics folder on 09/14/13.

For more timely Aspen market statistics, see the Currents Reports section for: The Estin Report: Monthly Market Snapshots (generally released 4-6 weeks prior to Land Title release dates). The Snapshots are published approximateley on or about the 1st Monday of the month for the prior month in the Current Reports section reporting on the upper Roaring Fork Valley real estate sales – Aspen, Snowmass Village, Brush Cr.Village, Woody Creek and Old Snowmass property transactions sold over $250,000. Fractionals are not included.

July 2013 Pitkin County Market Analysis Summary

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• $90,966,690 – total dollars for July, an increase of 16% from July 2012
• 381 – total transactions for July, an increase of 711% from 2012
• Interval transactions were up drastically for the month, which contributed to the increase in transactions and making it the strongest transaction month of the year.
• If you exclude the interval sales, there were 67 sales. This would’ve resulted in a transaction increase of 43% from last July.
• Year to date, dollars total $611,657,809 a decrease of 9% from same period 2012
• Year to date, transactions total 750, an increase of 97% from same period 2012
• For the month, Intervals led the way with a total of 314 transactions ($7.4 million), Aspen posted 37 transactions ($55 million), Snowmass Village 18 ($20.6 million), Redstone 4 ($1.2 million), Old Snowmass 3 ($3.8 million), Carbondale 3 ($1.1 million), and Woody Creek 2 ($1.5 million).
• There were 6 bank sales recorded in the county for July totaling $2.million. This accounted for 2% of the transactions and 2% of the dollars (see page 9 for more details)
• Year to date, there have been 62 bank sales recorded in the county, totaling $39 million. This accounts for 8% of the transactions and 6% of the dollars.
• The average single family home sold price thru July is $3,254,689, a decrease of 22% from full year 2012
• The median single family home sold price thru July is $2,268,000, a decrease of 19% from full year 2012
• Interval dollar volume for July was up 390% from July 2012, with a total of $7.4 million
• Interval transaction volume for July was up 3389% from July 2012, with a total of 314
• Interval transaction breakdown for July: Innsbruck – 302, Ritz Carlton – 3, St Regis -2, Hyatt Grand Aspen – 2, Residences at Snowmass Club, Roaring Fork Club Suites – 1, Sanctuary – 1, and Timbers – 1
• The Innsbruck sales were all purchased by the same party
• Through July, interval dollar volume totals $26,805,157, a decrease of 5% from same period 2012
• Through July, interval transaction volume totaled 387, an increase of 409% from same period 2012
• Buyer profile through July: 71% were out of state (domestic), 23% were Local, 4% were International, and 1% Front Range
• Loan info through July, 57% of the sales were cash and 50% were financed. If you exclude the interval frenzy, 63% of the sales had financing and 37% cash.