After many years of speculation as to the possible development of a prominent Main St Aspen 26,000 sq ft City block, Pitkin County has decided its not interested in developing the Zupancis property to accomodate their administrative needs. It has concluded there are both enough expansion possibilities within existing facilities and taht there are other locations more suitable for expansion of County services if needed. The County purchased the property in 2002 for $3M. Since 2005, the location has been identified as the likely place where expansion would occur as it is next to the Pitkin County Courthouse and the County Annex building that currently houses the Motor Vehicle Dept and the Clerk and Recorder. A greater cluster of adjacent County buildings and public service functions creating a campus-like environment seemed to make sense during pre-recession 2008 times.

Link to article 04/20/13 ADN

Zupancis Property next to City of Aspen Parking Dept

(540 E. Main) Aspen, CO (Photo credit: ADN)