“We’re talking about purchasing 742 acres, fee simple,” said Will, who added that the ridgeline property would be called the “Wapiti Ridge Mountain Park” in recognition of the elk that use the area.The pending purchase ties together the more than 1,500 acres of open space lands between Aspen and Cozy Point, along with another 662 acres that have already been set aside in conservation easements."

ASPEN SNOWMASS REAL ESTATE— Pitkin County is under contract to buy the expansive 742-acre Droste property — a key recreation parcel and wildlife corridor that spans the ridgeline between Aspen and Snowmass Village — for $18 million.“This is a really exciting opportunity that has been presented to us [in the last few weeks],” said George Newman, chair of the Pitkin County Board of County Commissioners. “This is one of the premier open spaces I’ve ever been on,” said Jeff Woods, manager of parks and recreation for the city of Aspen, who said he recently walked the ridgeline above the Brush Creek Valley with two Aspen City Councilmen and City Manager Steve Barwick. Woods enthused about the future trail connections and equestrian access that for years have been blocked by landowners.
By Madeline Osberger, August 3, 2010 AT

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08/04/2010 Aspen Times, Droste Property – ridge line
separating Brush Creek (right) and Owl Creek (left)