The proposal currently before the BLM would fold about 1,200 acres of BLM land on the flank of Mount Sopris into the Wexners’ Two Shoes Ranch, putting the federal land in private ownership, in exchange for the 557-acre Sutey Ranch, north of Carbondale and adjacent to the Red Hill Recreation Area. The BLM also would take possession of a 112-acre piece along Prince Creek Road near Carbondale that mountain bikers and others use to access the Crown, a popular recreation area. Finally, the BLM would receive $1.1 million to develop a management plan for the properties it acquires and for their long-term management … In addition, through the agreement with the county, the Wexners would place two parcels on their ranch, an area known as Potato Bill, under a conservation easement to protect habitat for bighorn sheep, deer and elk. It was an offer made once before, as the Wexners and county traded proposals.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE — Pitkin County announced Friday it has reached an agreement with wealthy landowners Leslie and Abigail Wexner, founder of Victoria’s Secret, that allows the local government to throw its support behind a controversial land exchange proposed by the couple. The deal, forged by the county and the Wexners, is separate from the proposed land swap now under consideration by the Bureau of Land Management. But the agreement enhances wildlife habitat protection and recreation, allowing commissioners to throw their support behind the exchange, the county said in a statement issued Friday.
By Janet Urquhart, December, 15 2012 AT

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Credit: Sopris Sun Feb 11, 2010 article: “Private holdings are outlined in red. Bureau of Land Management land is outlined in green. Under the proposed land swap, Leslie and Abigail Wexner would receive the large area of BLM land in the center of the photo and would place it under a conservation easement. The Wexners currently own all but a small piece of the private land outlined in red. They also own the land bordering the right side of the BLM parcel. Image courtesy of Pitkin County Open Space and Trails”