REAL ESTATE – The Pitkin County commissioners are scheduled to meet with Abigail Wexner and her representatives this afternoon in a closed-door meeting to discuss a proposed mid-valley land exchange.The Wexners are asking to swap their 520-acre Sutey Ranch, in Garfield County, to privatize 1,268 acres of federal land in Pitkin County. The Pitkin County land abuts the Wexners’ estate on the flanks of Mount Sopris.It is at least the 14th private meeting the elected officials have held on the matter since Wexner and her husband, Leslie, proposed the exchange in January 2009. He is a billionaire based in Columbus, OH., who runs Limited Brands, whose holdings include the Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works chain stores.
By Andrew Travers, April 17, 2010, Aspen Daily News

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