Next year’s tax bill will reflect tax increases for several districts, but little change in property values. While property values jumped considerably with 2009’s revaluation, those values remain constant for the 2010 tax year. When the assessor’s office begins revaluations again next year, as part of the state’s two-year cycle, local values are projected to drop roughly 30 percent on average, as a result of declining real estate prices.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE — Overall, property taxes to be paid in Pitkin County are going up 5.5 percent, based on a lengthy list of individual mill levies that were ratified Friday by county commissioners.In total, Pitkin County property owners will pay $116,827,124 in taxes, divided up among 48 different entities, including local governments, school districts, fire districts, Colorado Mountain College, local libraries, Aspen Valley Hospital and a host of small metropolitan districts that serve specific neighborhoods.The tax total, up from $110,777,212 a year ago, is based on total property value in the county of $3.6 billion.The taxes, for 2010, are payable in 2011; tax bills will go out in the mail in early January.
By Janet Urquhart, Dec. 20, 10 Aspen Times

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