ASPEN — The Aspen real estate market might be rebounding after a rough period, real estate agents said Friday.While no one claims the market is strong or anywhere near its glory days earlier this decade, at least it is showing signs of renewed interest among buyers.“The general mood in the valley is that things are improving, and the numbers are starting to confirm this,” B.J. Adams, co-owner of B.J. Adams and Co., said in a newsletter e-mailed this week. “Historically, the second quarter is our best and each successive quarter softens, but not this year, indicating a market turn.”Michael Adams, president and co-owner of the firm, believes the market hit the trough sometime in the first quarter of this year. During the third quarter, the number of sales increased by a healthy margin in Aspen and Basalt compared to the second quarter, and activity edged up in Snowmass Village.
By Scott Condon, Nov 2, 2009 AT

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