Development projects stalled by the Great Recession are beginning to percolate back to life. Two of them, the Boomerang Lodge redevelopment and Dancing Bear Residence Club Phase Two “Mountainside”, are expected to go before Aspen City Council for, respectively, redevelopment application review and minor change approvals. The aborted skeleton steel frame of Dancing Bear Phase II, located at the old Chart House site on the corner of Durant and Monarch, is expected to start up construction again in July. Separately, a 17 unit townhome development project at the base of Lift 1A – at the site where the Lodge at Aspen Mountain had been under development review but turned down by the Council – was approved in Nov. 2013 and is expected to break ground this summer as well.

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Skeleton steel frame of aborted Phase II Dancing Bear Residence Club. The project is expected to resume construction this summer 2014. (Photo credit: ABJ)