On the surface, Manhattan feels like a young person’s town with trendy shops, hot clubs, pierced hipsters, fast walkers, fast talkers and 24/7 energy. Yet
the borough has plenty of gray hair and wrinkles. People 55 and older make up more than 20% of the borough’s population and they’re on the verge of a major growth spurt. While the elderly population increases across the city, Manhattan’s share is projected to increase 57.9 percent over 2000 to 2030, to 295,000 people 65 and older in 2030, according to the Department of City Planning.  They will make up more than 16% of the borough’s population, up from 12.2% in 2000. While many older folks are long-time residents, others are moving back to the city after decades commuting.  
By Lynne Miller, Oct 16, 2009 NY Daily News

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