“The last few years we had to beg to get people to come” during Sundance, one broker said. “Real estate wasn’t really a hot topic. But this year that has changed. The people are actually spending money to be here. They aren’t here because they had free tickets. They are looking at high-end homes.”

PARK CITY, UTAH — For years this ski enclave has held the dual distinction of being the home of Robert Redford’s Sundance movie festival and of some of the highest-end properties in the state. Where else can ski enthusiasts own a home with backdoor access to the slopes at a top-notch ski resort like Deer Valley? Not in Aspen, which is surrounded mostly by public land. The sense of exclusivity has drawn a bevy of movie moguls and celebs here to Park City, from Jeffrey Katzenberg to Will Smith, who have bought multimillion-dollar ski homes in the area. While Sundance attracts A-listers and up-and-comers each year, the event hasn’t been much help in the past for brokers trying to sell high-end properties. That was especially true after the recession scared off investors hoping for quick returns. Brokers now say they’re seeing more buyers who are not so interested in flipping, but instead are looking for good long-term investments.
By Alexi Barrionuevo, Jan. 24, 2013 NYT

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“…On a hill in the exclusive Deer Crest neighborhood [above Park City], a crowd of the wealthy and connected mixed and mingled at the “Ski Dream House,” a 13,500-square-foot home owned by the vacation rental company Resorts West that has 6 bedrooms, 15 fireplaces, a ski bar and backdoor access to the slopes. Its price tag: $21.9 million. “