ASPEN REAL ESTATE – A proposal that would secure an infusion of cash to a foundation for sick children by selling off its Aspen real estate is up before Aspen City Council on Monday night. Ordinance 14 changes the use of the Silver Lining Ranch, a beautiful getaway for terminally ill children at the east end of Ute Avenue, to a single family home, which would be sold to a private buyer. The lucrative sale would assure the financial health of the Little Star Foundation. created and run by former tennis star-turned-nun Andrea Jaeger.The now-financially troubled organization has been operating out of Durango since 2006. The buyer would allow the Little Star Foundation to use the property for five years if the rezoning is approved.The city’s planning staff is recommending denial of the application, while the Planning and Zoning Commission granted unanimous approval. This is the third time the Silver Lining Ranch has come before council in as many years.
By Curtis Wackerle, July 12, 2010, Aspen Daily News

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