Affordable Skiing | Ski Guide 2010

Where Peaks Are High, and Prices Low Ski resorts were caught flat-footed by the recession last year, as many skiers and snowboaders stayed home. And if they dusted off their skis, many opted for the modest mountain in their backyard, instead of jetting off to the glittering peaks out West. The forecast this year is sunnier. Not only is the economy looking up, but ski resorts have had all year to prepare, with special deals, cheaper flights and other enticements to lure skiers back.Before you hit the slopes, check out our Affordable Ski guide, which highlights 10 North American ski resorts this winter. Find money-saving tips on where to stay, cheaper flights and lift tickets for under $50. (Related: 2009 Ski Guides)
December 13, 2009 New York Times

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