The concept of condemnation arose when it became clear that the plastic-wrapped, partially constructed Base Village buildings — which were halted in late 2008 and early 2009 — weren’t going to be continued anytime soon.

ASPEN SNOWMASS REAL ESTATE – A process to look into the potential condemnation of three “blighted” areas in Snowmass Village — including the stalled Base Village — was officially kicked off by Snowmass Village Town Council on Monday night.A divided council agreed to allocate up to $7,000 to evaluate Snowmass’ three commercial areas — the Snowmass Mall, Snowmass Center and Base Village — “to determine if conditions of blight exist,” according to a staff memo describing the urban renewal authority process. This first step of the condemnation process was described by town officials as the “buying information” phase. It would evaluate how big or how small the blighted area could be — for example, it could be limited to the incomplete buildings in Base Village. It could include discussions with other taxing authorities about potentially participating in the urban renewal authority.

By Catherine Lutz, August 4, 2010 Aspen Daily News

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