SNOWMASS VIILLAGE, ASPEN REAL ESTATE — Winter bookings for the new Viceroy Hotel in Snowmass Village are in the “seven figures” — but one positive sign for the resort’s beleaguered Base Village project.In addition, payment of a delinquent occupancy assessment for the garage — $174,267 to the town government from the developer — is expected this week.The banks with which Base Village developer Related WestPac is working have loosened their grip on some money, which will allow certain bills to get paid and the greater Base Village site to be winterized. “In my world right now, we are trying to focus on things where we can have a positive impact,” Dwayne Romero, president and COO of Related WestPac, told the Snowmass Village Town Council on Monday.
bY Madeleine Osberger, Oct. 22, 2009 Aspen Times

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