BASALT REAL ESTATE – After a poorly kept secret for the past few months, it was finally confirmed yesterday that a 2,000 sq ft drive-through Starbucks will be opening June 2013 in the new Parkside Building in Willits Town Center, Basalt, CO. The opening of Whole Foods Market in August, 2012 has brought life to the newer retail center located a few miles down valley from Old Town Basalt after the project’s initial developers were foreclosed upon and construction on the market stopped for 2-3 years during the recession. The new developers, Mariner Real Estate Management, have recently broken ground on a new 60,000 sq ft building located just south of the Whole Foods parking lot. In 2006/2007, Willits Basalt received approvals for 500,000 sq ft build-out of which approximately 1/3 has been completed.

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