Memo to those wondering when the housing slump will end: It depends on where you live.The Wall Street Journal’s latest quarterly survey of housing-related data shows that the market for residential real estate is healing at varying speeds in different parts of the country…But prices of higher-end homes around the country have been slower to fall because there have been fewer foreclosures and other forced sales of such properties. That is changing as more owners of fancy homes lose jobs, fall behind on mortgages or chop asking prices to realistic levels….People are being more conservative with what they’re buying,” says Matthew Montgomery, a real-estate agent at Hammond Residential who works in the Boston suburbs of Newton and Brookline, Mass. In general, he adds, “the bigger the house, the harder it is to sell.”

By James R. Hagerty, July 22, 2009, WSJ

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               July 22, 2009, WSJ