In the current (economic) climate, especially in New York City, moving is filled with more angst than usual because people feel at the mercy of market conditions.Potential buyers are being rejected by banks on the eve of closing, which leaves both buyers and sellers in limbo. Would-be buyers or those wanting to rent a better apartment have canceled their plans because of lost jobs or because their retirement funds and other investments were worth less. Many people feel stuck.

Whether one moves frequently or almost never, moving is an intensely emotional experience. The underlying psychological issues involved in real estate decisions are of great interest to therapists and psychologists, because housing and moving are filled with symbolism, the hope for new beginnings, crushing disappointments, loss, anxiety and fear.“Panic can really set in around your home and your apartment,” said Ronnie Greenberg, a Manhattan psychoanalyst. “It’s a matrix of safety, so moving is incredibly stressful and people don’t realize it — they mainly talk about the packing and the external part of moving.”
By Sarah Kershaw, Feb. 25, 2010 NYT

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