The North Fork of Long Island has long been known as the wayward child. the distant relative, the also-ran to its more famous and celebrated cousin, the South Fork or commonly referred to as The Hamptons. The rock star bling-boy has the Atlantic Ocean, mega-star visitor wattage, velvet ropes, multi-million dollar luxury beachfront estates and a century of town and country living; the folk singer cousin has miles of Long Island Sound shore front, wineries, legions of farmstands and more affordable homes found more frequently under $1M than over. It is becoming more well-know for what it is not, as distinct, different and, perhaps most important, unpretentious – a place where even high profile buyers are more and more seeking out because of its low profile lifestyle. On the North Fork, one finds small town authenticity, natural beauty, water views or beaches within a stone’s throw of everywhere and the absence of a “scene”, a place where the party isn’t.

Link to article By Robin Finn, June 21, 2013

Southhold, NY waterview property

1939: Einstein on the beach at Nassau Point on the North Fork, the place where he spent the “happiest summer of his life.”