“This all will have a relationship now,” Charles Cunniffe, the project lead, said before Tuesday’s meeting, adding that the entrance to the Theatre Aspen tent will face a new direction — to the east and Independence Pass — so people will walk along the ecological landscape before entering the venue.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE – A “dead zone” portion of Rio Grande Park will be transformed into an ecological oasis that will correct what’s been described as a dysfunctional stormwater system there.Aspen City Council gave the go-ahead on Tuesday to create water ponds within the John Denver Sanctuary that will function as both a filter to clean stormwater before it reaches the Roaring Fork River, and improve the aesthetics when entering the park.The project will be done in conjunction with a new Theatre Aspen tent designed by architect Charles Cunniffe, who’s been working with the city’s parks and engineering departments to create an entirely new park setting. The new tent is scheduled to be erected for this summer season — $1.178 million has been privately raised for the project with a goal of $1.5 million.
By Carolyn Sackariason, Feb. 25, 2011 Aspen Daily News

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02/25/11 ADN An overview of what a new and improved Rio Grande Park will look like with new wetlands to
filter and clean stormwater, as well as a new Theatre Aspen tent, which will be located in the current footprint.