10.21.12 ABJ: 8 Years after approval, a timeline of the Snowmass Vabe Village project:

Happy anniversary, Base Village

10.21.12 ABJ: Interview with Related Co’s President, Dwayne Romero:

Ownership settled, developer can return to Base Village business

10.21.12 ABJ: Time hasn’t dulled opponent’s bitterness about ‘failed development’:

Interview with one of the projects long time most voal opponents

2006 Map of proposed Snowmass Base Village build-out to be completed in 2012/2013 winter season but due to the Great Recession was aborted for almost 3 years, 2009-2012. It’s buold-out future remains uncertain but most certainly will be a scaled back version of what was originally proposed and approved by teh Snowmass Village Town Council in 2005.